Those Funny Little People

About Those Funny Little People:

An entertainment act like nothing you’ve ever seen, Those Funny Little People are mobile puppet characters with polished performances that are a mix of comedy, music, dance and audience interaction. With their expressive, animated faces and intricate choreography, the Little People put on shows that have amazed and entertained audiences of all ages.

Something magical happens when the Little People enter the scene. Interacting with audience members is where they truly shine. Each show includes time for them to mingle with the crowd and, once in a while, make an unsuspecting guest a little part of the show!   With over 100 mini-musical shows to choose from, and an endless variety of costumes and characters, the little people are the perfect choice for any event!

Mini musicals include:

– Two or more Little People

– Heart warming classics

– High energy song-and-dance

– Hilarious audience interaction

– sing-alongs

– Great photo ops

– Easy, go-anywhere set up

– Multi-generational appeal

Costumes include:

Mardi Gras

Country Western couple

Easter themed

Halloween themed

Christmas themed

Bride & Groom

Roaring 20’s

Fabulous 50’s

Psychedelic 60’s

Disco 70’s


Doctor & Nurse


Irish couple

Italian couple

Mexican couple




Nun & Priest

…and many more!


Need a roving artist for your festival?

Characters chatting live on wireless mics become a show in itself, as people of all ages join in the banter or just enjoy listening in! The Little People can promote or educate in a fun way, attract people to a featured event, or just play off what’s going on around them.  Hilarious and personal conversations are great take-away memories of the fun times had at your fair or festival!

The Little People draw a crowd wherever they go. They can dress to fit the  theme, stop here and there to perform a number or two, and chat on live wireless mics as they mosey across the grounds or interact down the parade route. (Check out the fourth video on the right of this page)

Corporate Events:

You can boost morale, award your employees, roast the boss, celebrate the holidays, a birthday, promotion, or retirement! You can promote your product or message at a trade show, entertain your clients, and educate your employees in-house – all with Those Funny Little People! Our Little People are excellent entertainers and spokes-puppets! You can even advertise your logo on the hats of Those Funny Little People!


“Those Funny Little People have made two of my Santa Arrivals a success! They entertain children and adults alike with their whimsical costumes, their music production and interaction with the crowds. You will not be disappointed in their professionalism, their production, or the reaction you receive from your guests!” – Christie Morgan

“It’s not a parade without the Little People!… always a delightful treat… lots of applause and laughter!” – Daniel Lydon, Coordinator, Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade

“Loved them, loved them, loved them!! We can’t say enough great things about the performers. So many people stopped me to day they loved it. This will bring a of good memories for years to come. Thank you so much!” – Aida Rene