Zombie Games


Zombie GamesGet Zombied:

Our special FX make-up designer comes to your campus, in full zombie make-up and attire, and instructs, guides and assists the students with applying “movie-style” zombie make-up. We bring the supplies and can be customized to fit your event.

Zombie Scavenger Hunt:

We have created the greatest zombie scavenger hunt ever! It’s a mad-chase to find, shoot and collect our walking dead as they move from Scavenger clue to Scavenger clue around your campus.


Zombedy-Comedy Mystery Theater:

Complete your zombie week or kick it off with a hilarious spoof on all that is zombie. Our 3, 4 or 5 person comedy improv show incites infectious laughter with tons of audience participation. Our shows combine comedy improv games with as silly storyline that grows with the imagination of the audience.