why book a shot of reality for a virtual program?

The number one alcohol awareness program in the country, A Shot of Reality, is presented by two professional comedians. This unique program has performed for the US NAVY/ARMY and hundreds of colleges. The program’s success is due to its combination of comedy and interactivity as a foundation for building education and knowledge about a serious topic. 

The presenters have a realistic, interactive discussion about the destructive and deadly consequences of alcohol abuse, assault, DUIs, health issues, and more. This program was created by health professionals, local police, and members of various alcohol rehab programs. A Shot of Reality is a fresh take on a popular topic and is many schools’ favorite program to satisfy alcohol awareness training, especially for orientation.

And now we can bring SOR to you virtually! The pandemic may have stopped your students from normal socializing, but it has also created a mental health crisis that could lead to binge drinking. A Shot of Reality wants to make sure your students are safe and informed, at home or at school, in an audience or in front of a computer. If you’re looking for the best way to educate your students on responsible behavior when encountering alcohol, this is it.

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