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“A Shot of Reality had our students (and me!) rolling in side splitting laughter, but also learning helpful tips to make safe decisions related to alcohol. Many students came up to me or RAs to tell us how much they enjoyed it — which is saying a lot of an alcohol education program!” Donna Lee Sullins, Dalton State College

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A Shot of Reality is an alcohol awareness show created out of serious, painstaking research, but performed by two professional comedians making these topics accessible and engaging. Covering multiple facets of responsible alcohol use, the show keeps students engaged with a powerful combination of levity and realistic discussion. This is many schools’ favorite program to satisfy alcohol awareness training, especially for orientation.

A Shot of Reality has been performed all over the United States…and Texas. If you’re looking for the best way to educate your students on responsible behavior when encountering alcohol, this is it.

  • seamlessly blends improv comedy, audience participation, and education

  • a comedic approach keeps the audience engaged and entertained while they're learning

  • works well in conjunction with new student orientation, greek life programming, and campus alcohol awareness programs

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