why book acoustic flight?

Acoustic Flight is an all acoustic instrument ensemble consisting of the fiddle, guitars, the upright bass, and vocals. This ensemble plays many styles of music such as: Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Swing, Country, American Folk, Soul, Irish instrumentals, and Blues. Vocal harmonies are the focal point of our arrangements and we try to make each song our own. Our members come from a diverse background in musical styles and all of us have music degrees. You can expect to hear dazzling virtuosity along with moving vocals in a well paced show that always keeps your attention. From Django Reinhardt and Stephen Grappelli to Nora Jones, James Taylor, Bonnie Rait, Miranda Lambert, Bill Monroe, Bob Dylan and Etta James we play the music that we love and hope that shows through.

what you can expect to hear

stéphane grappelli/django reinhardt

miranda lambert

etta james

willie nelson

blossom dearie

dolly parton

peggy lee

tchavolo schmidt

jackson browne

van morrison


bonnie rait

allison krause

john prine

north country


sarah bareilles

steve goodman

linda ronstadt

bob dylan

the beatles

james taylor

alicia keys

the band

fleetwood mack

woody guthrie/grateful dead

charlie christian/benny goodman

duke ellington

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