“THANK YOU for speaking and sharing with our community today. I’ve received multiple emails from both students and staff mentioning how wonderful of an experience it was for them. May you continue to shine your light and truth and THANK YOU for who you are in the world.”Juan-Carlos Piñeiro, Westchester Community College

why book ashlee haze?

Ashlee Haze is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. Earning the nickname “Big 30″ because of her consistency in getting a perfect score, she is one of the most accomplished poets in the sport of poetry slam. She has been a part of the Atlanta poetry circuit for over a decade and has been writing for over 15 years. Ashlee Haze is a 3- time Queen of the South Poetry Slam champion, 2-time Women of the World Poetry Slam finalist and 2- time National Poetry Slam semi-finalist. She recently appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk series alongside Blood Orange. After her poem “For Colored Girls Who Don’t Need Katy Perry when Missy Elliott is Enough” went viral, Missy Elliott was so moved she showed up at the poet’s house. Her sophomore book “Smoke” was released April 20, 2020.


ashlee’s workshops:

petty poetry: a writing workshop

In this workshop, poet Ashlee Haze teaches students how to write “petty poetry” as a tool to process anger, grief, jealousy, and bitterness through poetry. Students will learn how to express these emotions in a healthy format and have the opportunity to write their own petty poems.

emotional safety & the art of connection

This workshop will address poetry as a healing tool through the lens of connection. Ashlee Haze will discuss how fear, shame, and judgment tend to sculpt our work as artists and provide tools and insight to how we can be vulnerable in our work. This will be a lecture with a writing component. This workshop will be equal parts lecture, writing, and sharing.

coping mechanism: a writing and release workshop

This workshop will explore poetry as catharsis through the lens of grief and distress. Attendees should be prepared to write through a source of grief that they aim to release or cope with through writing. Roughly 40% of the workshop will be open forum discussion about loss and life. 40% of the class will be writing to a prompt that aims to give the attendee a healthy way to process and heal from that which has caused pain. The last 20% being dedicated to the sharing of those writings.

the fundamentals of art as business

This workshop explores business basics: establishing yourself as a business, tax forms, expenses vs. income, record keeping, contracts, and general best practices. This workshop will give artists the tools to effectively run a small business and to begin (or continue) connecting the art to the business.

5-7-5: the art of haiku
effective communication

This workshop will give attendees the tools to be heard by their intended audience and how to strategically communicate ideas. Ashlee Haze will detail how her writing brought Missy Elliott to her front door step (literally) and how your work can be a magnet to what and who you aim to attract. This workshop will be 50% lecture and 50% open forum/audience interaction.

courage and ethics for artists

This workshop will address ethics in the arts and give students the tools to make bold statements in their work. Ashlee Haze will detail how artists can approach social justice with courage and how to navigate tough topics in their work. This workshop will be equal parts lecture, writing, and sharing.

creative project management

In this workshop Ashlee Haze teaches how to take a creative idea from concept to execution. Students will learn how to set and keep project deadlines, how to identify key players and delegate tasks, budgeting, and how to coordinate events & performances. This is a lecture course and students should come with projects in mind to work on during the session.

balancing the scales: an honest conversation on social justice and race

In this workshop, Ashlee Haze explores the makings of identity and how folks of historically marginalized identities can find our voices in a cis/white/hetero-centered world. Ashlee Haze explores “the p word” (privilege) and how we can work together to create a world where the scales are balanced.

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