“I would like to thank you for working with me effortlessly to secure Katie and take the necessary steps for her to visit our campus and host our event. There was a lot of back and forth with the dates, but Katie was amazing, and I am extremely grateful that she was able to help bring the event to life with me. The event went smoothly, and she radiated a lot of positive energy. I am also grateful to have had you as an agent you all are the best!”Eboni Leach, Coastal Carolina University

why book katie kramer?

Katie Kramer is a queer woman, artist, wife, mom, depression survivor and general good deed enthusiast. She’s toured to LGBT festivals, conferences and over 400 college campuses from coast to coast, as well as having been a member of a National Poetry Slam Championship team. Katie has been a finalist at the Women of the World Poetry Slam, was short listed for the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship Competition and she took second place at The Moth Grandslam storytelling contest.

Katie is a loud advocate for trans rights, feminism, mental health awareness and doing your darndest to find love through it all. Never afraid of the difficult truths, her show is one part pride parade, one part therapy session, one part rally cry and a million parts healing.

katie’s workshops:

(all workshops are about 60 minutes)

origins: the time my grandma drank a beer and shot a squirrel before breakfast

The truest thing about being Human, is that we are all gifted with a bucket of stories that belong to no one but us. In this workshop, Katie will help dig deep into our own personal histories, shining light on memories we may have thought not poem worthy. Through writing prompts and exercises designed to offer new angles into something participants may not have even realized was a story they’re aching to tell.

gender and you: beyond the binary

This is an interactive workshop that aims to build awareness of the diversity of gender identities on campus. In this workshop Katie will invite students to think, write, and dialogue on what gender is, who makes “the rules”, and how we can shift towards something beyond that. Including basic gender identity vocabulary, learning how to unpack and realize your own gender journey, and tools for allyship to trans and gender diverse communities. Expect to feel a little challenged and a whole lot of opportunity to think outside the box! 

choose your own adventure!

Do you have students on campus who are interested in writing or performing? Needing some help creating an entry point for discussions about sexuality and gender on your campus? Wanting an event to be even more interactive than just a performance but not sure how to get students more involved? Katie will help brainstorm and create a workshop or discussion group to facilitate whatever conversation your campus is in need of!

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