“…such a hilarious show! No one will forget the musical “Corgis in the Snow”. We hope to have Baby Wants Candy on campus again soon!” Friday Night Fever Team, University of Wyoming

why book baby wants candy?

So, here’s how it works …

The crew of Baby Wants Candy asks the audience for a random title of a musical that has never been performed before. The very first title that the crew hears, in that moment, becomes the basis for a 60-minute musical they will perform.

Having performed over 1,400 different musicals, Baby Wants Candy is the world’s premiere musical improvisation theatre company. The show is never the same twice, and can be as clean or, well, not as clean, based on the client’s needs.

Baby Wants Candy has performed at several corporate events, colleges, and performing arts theaters. The crew also conducts workshops, and has been the guest of honor at several artist-in-residence programs worldwide.

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