why book carlos andrés gómez for a virtual program?

  • Virtual events do not risk the programming vulnerabilities of a live show

    They can go forward regardless, even if there’s a blizzard or another wave of the pandemic.

  • Virtual events are more accessible, for those with challenges to attend the event or, generally, rarely attend live events

    The event can be marketed to several satellite campuses or a variety of silos within your school community who might not typically (or ever) attend the same live event, as well as impulse attendees who tune in because of ease of access (by smartphone).

  • You'll receive a recording of the full performance, which will remain available for 30 days post-show

    Which allows a bigger audience to experience the event (if someone forgets the event date or isn’t able to attend the live event).

  • You'll get detailed analytics and measurable data on the event

    How many students attended, and which students tuned in, which can inform and improve future event programming, as well as justify future programming budget.

Carlos Andrés Gómez draws from his eclectic expertise—as an award-winning solo performer, trained facilitator, public speaker, and educator⁠—to create one of the most sought-after and captivating programs you will ever see. Most frequently, Carlos is brought to schools and organizations to craft a keynote or performance that engages diversity, equity, and inclusion or healthy masculinity and gender equity.

Carlos’ work is informed by best practices in diversity education and utilizes interactive exchange, facilitated dialogue, and storytelling. Those critical tools, along with improv, spoken word poetry, and humor, are used to create a program unlike any other.

program options:

  • Reimagining Modern Manhood
    • Through storytelling, audience engagement, and poetry, Carlos Andrés Gómez shares his journey of growing up as a sensitive boy forced to navigate toxic machismo and restrictive gender stereotypes. A riveting combination of personal narrative and sociological excavation, Gómez guides the audience through his life story, from that tender-hearted and out-of-place little boy constantly moving and changing schools to where he is now: a father of two and husband, determined to reimagine how we all think about masculinity and gender—beyond preconceived social roles, beyond the binary.
  • Antiracism as Action
    • Description: You care deeply about fighting and dismantling racism, but you have no idea where to start. How can you (or your organization) be actionably antiracist and not just a performative ally? This interactive session will help you (and your organization) build a roadmap toward fighting anti-blackness and dismantling racism, both on a personal level (internally) and through your organization and out in the world (externally). Participants will learn the distinction between structural racism and interpersonal racial prejudice, interrogate examples and impacts of implicit bias, identify concrete strategies to unlearn and counteract individual racism, and will leave with five (5) actionable strategies to fight structural racism in your team, company, community, and beyond. Using history, intersectionality, and personal experience as frames for discussion, participants will collectively explore these and other concepts.
  • Equity & Inclusion in the Virtual World: Serving Marginalized Students During Shutdown

    • Description: Join Carlos Andrés Gómez (Poet, Author, & Educator) for this hour-long session focused on innovative ways to virtually connect with and engage marginalized students during this unprecedented moment.

      As many sectors of the world grind to a halt, marginalized students’ needs do not—instead becoming only more urgent and even intensified. So what do we do? How can we ensure that we remain responsive to them during this difficult time?

      This virtual gathering is focused on problem-solving, idea-sharing, and finding positive solutions to the shared concerns and challenges of navigating this new normal.

      (A great program idea for student leaders, educators, staff, and administrators at both the high school and college level.)

  • Getting Through: Finding Community in IsolationDescription: Join Carlos Andrés Gómez (poet, author, educator) for this interactive session in which he shares innovative ways to connect with and engage students virtually.With pressure building each day to find ever innovative and creative ways to serve students studying remotely, this session will be focused on ways to keep students motivated and supported. Carlos will offer tangible strategies about how to build community while social distancing, as well as ideas to counteract the growing loneliness of a widespread shutdown.

    (Highly recommended for all college and high school student leaders, educators, staff, and administrators.)

  • Reimagining Gender: Beyond socialized roles, beyond the binary
  • Our Intersecting Selves: Diversity, identity. equity, & inclusion
  • Writing Through: Storytelling toward social justice
  • Tailored workshop for your school
  • Carlos can also host a virtual open mic/coffeehouse/campfire conversation as part of his programming options.

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