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why book the casino party?

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. The Casino Party comes with everything you need to turn your campus into a real casino — without the real money and risk. Custom build a package that fits your budget and anticipated attendance for a perfect Las Vegas Casino Night experience! A professional event manager will train your volunteers to deal; no experience is necessary.

Great for Welcome Weeks, Family/Parents Weekends, Homecoming, etc.

  • economic package

    6 black Jack, 1 roulette, 1 craps, 4 poker, 4 slot machines, 1 keno or bingo system, 1 event manager (10 – 15 volunteers needed, 100 – 150 capacity). Dealers can be provided at an additional fee.

  • deluxe package

    10 black jack, 2 roulette, 6 poker, 1 craps, 1 keno or bingo, 4 slot machines, 1 event manager (15 – 20 volunteers needed; 150 – 200+ people capacity).

  • additional games

    Cash cube/money machine, photo booth prize/money wheels, and many more!

  • texas hold 'em

    A separate poker (Texas Hold’em) tournament can be added to any Casino Party. Additional slot machines can be added in increments of four.

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