why book dick diamond and the dusters?

Dick Diamond and the Dusters is a “tribute/novelty/entertainment” act whose purpose is to relive the glory 70’s & 80’s. Dick Diamond provides top quality entertainment guaranteed to maintain a packed dance floor and put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Dick Diamond is a fictitious, bitter, and “past his prime” nightclub singer with his backup band of eccentric and over-the-top 70’s characters. They combine comedy, stellar musicianship, outlandish wardrobe, audience interaction, an elaborate stage-show, and a timeless catalog of catchy and memorable songs. Dick Diamond and the Dusters is more than just your normal Friday or Saturday night run-of-the-mill bar band. It is an extravaganza!

Be one of the growing “a list” establishments known for “going the extra mile” to deliver top quality entertainment by bringing Dick Diamond and the Dusters to your venue!

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