why book dustin york?

Dr. Dustin York is a communication professor who has worked for the Obama Campaign, Pepsi, Nike, FBI and more. His passion is providing students a tactical skill set to communicate effectively and persuasively. Dr. York was awarded the St. Louis Business Journal 30 Under 30 Award and Maryville University’s President’s Award for Strategic Leadership and Transformation Innovation. He is regularly interviewed by CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

His talks are not only incredibly engaging but leave students with a tactical road map for leadership, personal branding, and effective communication. As a full-time professor, Dr. York understands where college students are, the hurdles they face, and the opportunities many are not aware of. His program provides students a battle-tested plan for conquering communication in the classroom, in student life, in their communities, and in their professional fields.

program options:

supercharge your nonverbal interpersonal skills

Nonverbal and interpersonal communication skills can help you influence and lead others more effectively. But which technique should you use, and when? This high-energy session will answer that question, offering tactical “life hacks” that you can start using the very next day. Participants will learn tactics to support leadership and persuasion as well as dating and lie detection.

  • Length: 1 hour
  • Great for: Working professionals and any year college students
networking, applying, interviewing and negotiating

This is an incredibly tactical training on the full process to begin looking for a career to finally negotiating the final job offer. This presentation is great for college students preparing for their first career as well as entry-level professionals seeking mid-level opportunities or career transitions. How do you approach professionals at networking events? What do you say when you negotiate salaries? Learn these steps and more.

  • Length: All four in-depth is a 3-hour workshop. This can be tailored down for a shorter presentation.
  • Great for: Entry-level or transitioning professionals and Junior/Senior college students
personal branding and leadership

This high-energy and engaging session will lead participants down a path to create their professional brand and mold their leadership skills. From how to “show up” professionally to setting personal goals as a leader, this presentation will leave participants energized and give them a roadmap to boost their leadership brand.

  • Length: 1 hour
  • Great for: Working professionals and college students
    organizational communication in the workplace

    Communication is essential for any organization to function at its full potential. In this presentation, Dr. York provides tactically “life hacks” on productive organizational communication. From how to communicate in meetings and email to project collaboration and more. Participants will not only receive tactics they can increase communication the next day, but they’ll also leave engaged.

    • Length: 1 – 1 ½ hours
    • Great for: Working professionals and Junior/Senior college students
    conflict resolution

    In this presentation, Dr. York walks participants through how to tactically navigate conflict situations with co-workers and team members. In this interactive session, participants will get specific sentences to say, structures to follow and mindset to adapt in order to find mutually beneficial resolutions.

    • Length: 1 – 1 ½ hours
    • Great for: Working professionals and Junior/Senior college students
    media training

    This all-encompassing media training workshop leads participants step-by-step through media interview preparedness as well as public presentations. This workshop is three hours in length and includes formulating a quotable introduction, nonverbal communication, message creation, soundbites, TV/Phone/Public Presentation tips and two on-camera practice interviews per participant. Following the training, each participant receives a personalized assessment with strengths and opportunities from their on-camera interview.

    • Length: Allow up to 3 ½ hours
    • Great for: Organizational representatives for media interviews and organizational leadership for presentations
    ideation workshop

    This incredibly active workshop takes a group through a strategic path of developing tactical action points to move the group or organization forward. This workshop is great for Strategic Plan generation or yearly departmental action plan generation. Groups will leave with up to six specific action goals to help assist their group’s primary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Finally, those six action goals will be put in an order of completion.

    • Length: 1 ½ – 2 hours
    • Great for: Team-based groups who work together to achieve organizational goals

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