“Ebony’s ‘Giving A Voice To Survivors’ presentation was simply amazing. One experiences a river of emotions from vulnerability and self-doubt to self-confidence and inner-peace. Passionate behind her words, yet easy going and approachable make it a great combination that will not only capture one’s attention, but also connect with everyone in her audience. Ms. Stewart shows us the strength we possess that we often fail to see and our capability of making the struggle we endured into the strength that will push us forward. Powerful and uplifting performance overall.”Victor Diaz, Case Advocate at UTEP

why book seeing (red)?


Seeing (RED) ties in aspects of generational trauma learned through relationships with the foresight of healing through poetry and storytelling. This presentation is specifically tailored to address domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and gives voice to the victims & survivors as a holistic approach.

Objectives include:
  • Ethics of being a good listener
  • Retrace & reflect on personhood
  • Increase awareness of consensual approaches
  • Understand the importance of advocacy and activism within the work of violence
Intended Audiences: 
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Workplace Trainings
  • Campuses (student, faculty, and staff)
  • Q&A
  • PowerPoint

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