“I’m a student at ONU and really enjoyed your show tonight! I like how you did the conventional “fun” hypnotizing activities but also put such an emphasis on how your subconscious mind has actual practical applications in daily life, which not a lot of people are aware of…thank you so much for coming tonight!!”ONU Student

why book evan gambardella?

Hypnotist Evan’s comedy hypnosis show is a hilariously funny, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered event designed to generate positivity and wonder through audience participation and “mind-blowing” hypnosis. Performing in all areas of the United States and around the world, Evan is one of America’s youngest leading impact entertainers.

Whether your audience is several dozen people to several thousand, Evan spell bounds crowds of all sizes. Evan’s show is highly interactive, uproariously funny, and wows spectators using the untapped magic of their own minds. Evan isn’t just an entertainer, he inspires motivation and builds new positive habits in audiences everywhere he performs.

Evan creates a uniquely memorable experience for each show he performs. Your guests will be talking about it for weeks, months, and years to come!

Ask us about the Hypnosis Experience as a virtual option for your next event! Some feedback from a recent virtual show: “I literally cried because of how good I felt!!” – Western Carolina Student 

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