“Evan is a true professional and an amazing performer. Everything from pre, during and post-performance was a breeze. He is great at connecting with his audience and his work is one of a kind. The special painting he did of our mascot will be in our student center for a long time!”A.J. Miller, Northern Kentucky University

why book evan struck: speed painter?

Evan Struck transforms blank canvases into masterpieces in his hour-long college show while incorporating elements of pop culture, music, movies, sports, and more! Get ready for all-new paintings including blacklight, audience participation, and multiple canvases. This show combines both music and color creating a multi-sensory experience. Also Evan creates a custom painting related to your college or university that could be used to help raise money for your school! 

To ensure an easy cleanup and no mess, Evan always creates a three layer barrier for every stage he performs at consisting of: plastic, roofing underlayment, and carpet. Click through the slider to see the before and after photos of this setup!

    • Before the show.

    • Roofing underlayment goes underneath carpet.

    • After the show post-cleanup.

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