“Goli’s program is amazing! She is a phenomenal talent and teacher, and an even better person.”Tyler Russel, Northampton Community College

why book goli gabbay for a virtual show?

  • Goli’s programs have a high level of student interaction, engagement, and feeling of togetherness and community in the virtual experience

  • Her mindfulness and meditation techniques create calm within minutes

  • Student leave with a profound experience of peace, ease, happiness, and deep relaxation

  • Students leave equipped with hands-on tools to improve brain health, relieve stress/anxiety, and connect to their highest, most peaceful selves

  • Goli inspires and teaches with positivity, kindness, humor, and compassion

Goli has been at the forefront of combining the healing benefits of yoga, mindfulness, breath work, and meditation with neuroscience into a groundbreaking movement for mental health. With over twenty years of teaching and clinical experience in mental health, Goli has earned the trust of: universities, corporations, Los Angeles’ prominent psychological recovery centers, MD’s, UCLA’s Collaborative Center for Integrative Medicine, celebrity clients, and royalty. She devoted fifteen years to helping the most traumatized population recover from anxiety and panic, depression, trauma, PTSD, self harm, and eating disorders. Through her teachings, Goli was able to help an array of people replace their anxiety medication with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Knowing that everyone has the ability to attain peace, happiness, and well-being — Goli is dedicated to sharing the tools and her expertise to help uplift the human experience into a joyful one.

A graduate of UCLA’s Institute of Sustainability and the Environment, Goli also has an extensive background in environmental sustainability. She has designed and implemented leading edge environmental programs and public education programs for cities, companies, luxury hotels, and NGO’s, including the United Nations Environment Program. She shares her passion and expertise in sustainability in her program “Let’s Save the Earth.”

program options:

from stress to serenity

Goli will help you transform stress/anxiety and uplift your mental, emotional and physical health. This program consists of a short, interactive powerpoint presentation on brain health and stress followed by a soothing guided yoga and relaxation practice. Goli leads participants to a tangible experience of  well-being, bliss, and calm.

learning objectives:
  • An understanding of the effects of chronic stress on the brain and body
  • Healthy lifestyle practices backed by science that generate mental, emotional, and physical well-being
  • How plant-based food improves mental and physical health and overall performance
  • Hands-on practices that improve: mental focus, clarity, and concentration for greater productivity, performance, and creativity
  • Simple relaxation practices (breathing, mindfulness, etc.) that soothe our brain, body, and nervous system to help us feel better in minutes
serenity as your superpower

Harvard neuroscience research reveals that regular practice of mindfulness and meditation can literally change and enhance our brain. The more we repeat and practice creating a peaceful and healthy inner landscape — the more we rewire our neural pathways ⟶ so that optimal brain health, physical ease, and inner calm becomes our “new normal” — our superpower.

“Serenity as Your Superpower,” is a hands-on, guided master class. Goli teaches you how to use your body’s natural mechanisms such as: breath, movement, mindfulness, guided visualization, guided relaxation, and meditation to attain and sustain optimal mental, emotional, and physical well-being. She will lead you to uplift your brain health, calm your nervous system, and relax your body. With practice, we will not only transform stress to serenity — we will cultivate serenity as our superpower. It is optimal to utilize this program as a practice series throughout the year.

learning objectives:
  • Improve brain health and emotional well-being with a guided practice that enhances the areas of the brain linked to learning, memory, and emotional regulation
  • Learn hands-on practices that improve: mental clarity and concentration for greater focus, performance, and creativity
  • Practice relaxation techniques that soothe the mind, body, emotions, and nervous system and create calm within minutes
  • Leave with a profound experience of ease, deep relaxation, spiritual connection, and peace
let’s save the earth

Learn about the most effective ways to reduce your impact on the environment and improve your health and well-being. Let’s save the Earth is a comprehensive environmental education master class that leaves participants with a deep understanding of today’s environmental issues and hands-on ways to protect the earth, animals, and our health. 

learning objectives:
  • An understanding of a linear (non-sustainable) vs. circular economy
  • Simple, everyday practices we can do to protect the Earth
  • An understanding of bigger, global environmental issues (deforestation, habitat loss, species extinction, and climate change)
  • A look at climate emergencies (Australia & the Amazon) and their parallels
  • An understanding of the widespread and far-reaching impacts of animal agriculture no one thinks about
  • A look at the ethics of animal agriculture
  • Understanding the link between animal agriculture and human pandemics (Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Sars, Nars, Covid19)
  • The most powerful action we can take to protect the planet, improve our health and prevent future pandemics

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