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“Goli’s program is amazing! She is a phenomenal talent and teacher, and an even better person.”Tyler Russel, Northampton Community College
“Thankful to you for shifting my anxiety into a more positive energy! I am grateful for this serenity.”Emily Johnson, Robert Morris University
“The program was absolutely fantastic. Goli is a wonderful human, the session was very engaging, and I truly felt calm and relaxed after.”Juna Johnson (She/Her/Hers), Ball State University

program 1: from stress to serenity

Goli will help you transform stress/anxiety and uplift your mental, emotional and physical health. This program consists of a short, interactive powerpoint presentation on brain health and stress followed by a soothing guided yoga and relaxation practice. Goli leads participants to a tangible experience of  well-being, bliss and calm.

learning objectives:
  • An understanding of the effects of chronic stress on the brain and body
  • Healthy lifestyle practices backed by science that generate mental, emotional, and physical well-being
  • How plant-based food improves mental and physical health and overall performance
  • Hands-on practices that improve: mental focus, clarity, and concentration for greater productivity, performance, and creativity
why this program is essential for mental health + well-being

90% of college students report high levels of stress. Three out of five college students experience overwhelming anxiety. Two out of five students are too depressed to function. One in 20 college students have attempted self harm or have created a suicide plan in the past year, (American Council on Education). Students cannot become future thought leaders and innovators if they are not feeling well. Goli’s guided practice is filled with hands-on tools that helps students attain an integrated and healthy state of wellbeing, happiness and calm.

program 2: serenity as your superpower

In this guided master class, Goli teaches you how to use your body’s natural mechanisms: breath, yoga, movement, mindfulness, guided relaxation, visualization and meditation — to redesign old patterns (stress/anxiety) — until inner calm and well-being becomes your new normal — your superpower. Two decades of scientific studies analyzing how our genes are affected by different practices such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation found that these practices don’t simply relax us — they can reverse the molecular reactions in our DNA which cause ill-health, anxiety and depression. Learn how to gain control of and create a balanced and serene inner landscape — no matter what external factors in life are taking place (ie. a global pandemic, exams, etc.).

This program is an excellent follow-up to From Stress to Serenity. It is most beneficial as a regular practice series in order to attain the full transformational benefits of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Harvard neuroscience research reveals that regular practice of mindfulness and meditation can improve our brain health in just eight weeks.

learning objectives:
  • Improve brain health and emotional well-being with a guided practice that enhances the areas of the brain linked to learning, memory, and emotional regulation
  • Learn hands-on practices that improve: mental clarity and concentration for greater focus, performance, and creativity
  • Practice relaxation techniques that soothe and create calm in the mind, body, emotions and nervous system within minutes
  • Leave with a profound experience of well-being, deep relaxation and bliss

program 3: mindbody|earth. sustainability as a lifestyle

Our well-being is closely interconnected to the well-being of the earth. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves. In this environmental education keynote talk and master class, Goli inspires students with an in-depth understanding of today’s sustainability issues and teaches  practical, hands-on solutions to:  reduce our impact on the environment, improve animal welfare, and improve our health and well-being.

This program is excellent for Earth Day events in April and can be taught as a series. Goli will conclude the talk and program with a guided meditation.

learning objectives:
  • An understanding of a linear (non-sustainable) vs. circular economy
  • Simple, everyday practices we can do to protect the Earth
  • An understanding of bigger, global environmental issues (deforestation, habitat loss, species extinction, and climate change)
  • A look at climate emergencies (Australia & the Amazon) and their parallels
  • An understanding of the widespread and far-reaching impacts of animal agriculture no one thinks about
  • An understanding of why factory farming is a social justice and racial inequality issue 
  • A look at the ethics of animal agriculture
  • Understanding the link between animal agriculture and human pandemics (Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Sars, Nars, Covid19)
  • The most powerful action we can take to protect the planet, improve our health and prevent future pandemics

about goli:

Goli Gabbay is a speaker, educator, scholar and innovator in integrative health and wellness. With over 22-years of teaching and clinical experience, she has been at the forefront of combining the healing benefits of: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, yoga nidra and plant-based nutrition with neuroscience in a groundbreaking movement for mental health. She speaks and leads wellness programs to universities all over the nation and has worked with global organizations, world class athletes and entertainers, MD’s, prominent psychological recovery centers and royalty. Goli is dedicated to help uplift humanity from the stresses of our fast-paced world. She redesigns the mind, body and nervous system to inspire a new way of living — from anxiety, stress, trauma and disconnect — to serenity, joy, well-being and connection to our highest, most unified selves.

A graduate of UCLA’s Institute of Sustainability and the Environment, Goli also has an extensive background designing leading edge environmental programs and public education programs for cities, companies, luxury hotels, and NGO’s, including the United Nations Environment Program. She shares her expertise and passion for environmental stewardship in her third program which inspires mindfulness for the earth.

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