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“I found your presentation one of the most engaging on campus. I really enjoyed how you presented it and how you were able to smoothly articulate and incorporate a lecture and collaborative group engaging experience.”Peter Novak, Dakota Wesleyan University

program 1: from stress to serenity.

Drawing from twenty-one years of teaching and clinical experience in mental health and wellness, Goli Gabbay brings energy, humor, and transformation to the stage. In her highly interactive program, she will lead participants to a tangible experience of serenity and mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  Goli engages students with participation on stage and hands-on practices to relieve stress/anxiety – leaving everyone connected to their highest, most peaceful selves.

learning objectives:
  • An understanding of the effects of chronic stress on the brain and body
  • Healthy lifestyle practices that generate mental, emotional, and physical well-being
  • Hands-on practices that improve: mental focus, clarity, and concentration for greater productivity, performance, and creativity
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How plant-based food improves mental and physical health and overall performance
  • Simple practices (breathing, mindfulness, etc.) that soothe our brain, body, and nervous system to feel better within minutes
two packages:
  1.  75-minute interactive keynote talk
  2. 75-minute interactive keynote talk followed by a 75-minute yoga + meditation workshop

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program 2: eat healthy. save the earth.

There is a revolution in health and wellness happening. Discover why NFL football players, Beyoncé, Olympic athletes, medical doctors, pro tennis players, and so many celebrities are discovering a surprising new high-performance hack—going vegan. This comprehensive, science-based program will teach you how adopting a healthy plant-based lifestyle puts you at the forefront of a new global paradigm for health and well-being for you and all life on Earth.

Health: The latest medical research reveals that adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle helps us gain more energy, uplifts our mental health, helps us live longer, and prevents and reverses an array of health issues (which may include acne, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity). Environment: By switching to plant-based foods, we become super heroes for the planet by dramatically reducing climate change, pollution, deforestation, species extinction due to habitat loss, ocean dead zones, and water use. Animals: Adopting a plant- based lifestyle protects animals by reducing the more than 56 billion land animals bred and killed for food annually. It also reduces the 2.7 trillion fish killed each year for human consumption. Mind-Body-Spirit: Plant-based diets have been shown to boost mental health and increase physical performance. We become leaders in living with kindness, compassion, and harmony with the natural world by thriving without harming other living beings.

learning objectives:

Learn about the science and benefits of living plant-based in practical ways that are easy and cost-effective.

  • The current paradigm: The harmful effects of meat/dairy on the planet, health, and animals.
  • A new paradigm: The benefits of a plant-based diet for the environment, health, longevity, and animal welfare.
  • The truth about dairy. Milk does not do a body good.
  • The protein myth: But where do you get your protein?
  • The rise in vegan athletes.
  • What about fish? A glimpse into over-fishing as well as heavy metal and plastic contamination in seafood.
  • What plant foods you can eat for under $10/day that will radically improve your health.
  • The spiritual benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle and how we can positively change the world.

breakout workshops:

Workshop 1:  Milk doesn’t do a body good. Debunking dairy.

Workshop 2:  Plant-based on a budget. How going meatless saves money.

Workshop 3:  Plant strong. The rise in meat-free athletes and the protein myth.

Workshop 4:  Understanding the vegan lifestyle – beyond food. A look at food, clothing, cosmetics, experiments, and entertainment (elephant rides, dolphin petting, zoos, etc.).

Workshop 5:  The spiritual benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

Workshop 6:   Reducing plastics: Simple ways to ditch single-use plastic and protect the planet.

about goli:

Goli has been an innovator in her field combining the healing benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with neuroscience into a groundbreaking movement for optimal mental health. With over twenty years of teaching and clinical experience, she has earned the trust of universities, corporations, Los Angeles’ prominent psychological recovery centers, medical doctors, celebrity clients (Gerard Butler and others), and royalty. Widely recognized for the transformative results from her expertise, Goli was named “one of the yogis shifting the planet” by Origin Magazine.

Learn more about Goli:

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