why book grab the bucks?

A thrilling game show where randomly selected members of the audience participate in wild and crazy games. The final winner enters the Bucks Booth and grabs as many dollars as possible, as they swirl about the chamber. Grab up to $500.00 in cold hard cash! Catch the fun, excitement and prizes! You could be the big winner!

How the game is played
Contestants are randomly chosen from the audience by a raffle system. The contestants are divided then into groups. Each group of three contestants play wild and crazy games to determine a winner. One round is a total audience participation round in which everyone can get in on the action. The winner of each heat moves into the winners circle to await the final round and the runners up all receive a prize. When all the semi-finalists have been determined, the final round is played. In this round the semifinalists “spin to win” on the winners wheel. Age, size and physical ability give no one an advantage. Only lady luck knows who will win this round! The one who spins the highest number is the grand champion and enters the Bucks Booth where they have 30 seconds to grab as many bucks as possible as they swirl about the chamber. They could potentially win $500.00!

This hilarious show is filled with action, excitement, competition, great music and prizes! The show is flexible in length from 30 minutes to an hour to suit your needs.

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