why book hollywood murder mystery virtually?

Welcome to the cut-throat (literally) world of the 1970s art scene as Hollywood Murder Mystery goes to New York. Vincent Van Snoot’s been murdered at Studio 54 and we need your students to find out who did it. Was it the bitter ex-wife, the angry rival, or even the cruel art critic? Hollywood Murder Mystery’s highly interactive and incredibly funny show is hosted by two professional private investigators (comedians) who will guide your students through the sordid world of 1977 New York City! Put on those butterfly collars and feather that hair, as your students play the best online “who done it” since the Disco Inferno!

how it works:

  • Two hosts walk students through 3 rounds that introduce suspects and clues
  • Students take their own notes.
  • Between rounds, hosts bring volunteers on screen for interactive games
  • After the last round, students are given a link to an accusation Google Form (via chat) to name the killer and why they did it. (7 minute time limit)
  • Students can ask questions during 7 minutes to hosts via chat
  • Hosts collect answers and name the winner
  • Everyone leaves happy!

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