“[They] were great to work with and hilarious! Everyone who came out really enjoyed the event and people even talked to me the next day to say how much fun they had! I would highly recommend…”Danielle Florey, Michigan State University

why book hollywood murder mystery?

The creators of Mission IMPROVable present Hollywood Murder Mystery, a hilarious whodunit-improv show that will put even the cleverest sleuths to the test!

Using elements of improv and group games, the performers interact with each participant to catch the murderer. The show can work with any size crowd and is perfect for any event*.

*Any event can get a custom theme. “Heartbreak in the Roaring 20’s” and “Discount Elegant” are two that work great at schools.

ALL-NEW show created for the Fall!

how it works:

  • act one

    Each guest gets their own secret identity and an interrogation form. The detectives ask questions to determine suspicious characters.

  • act two

    Using guests’ findings, the detectives further question suspects and run them through improvisational games to prove their innocence! The crowd then decides who gets “released” and who gets added to the police lineup.

  • act three

    The detectives decide who the final suspects are, and guests generate theories. The best theories are then used for “crime scene reenactments,” with the bravest audience members taking the stage with potential killers to determine who is guilty!

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