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Bass/Schuler Entertainment presents a LIVE AND VIRTUAL Hypnosis Experience featuring one of our world-renowned hypnotists!

At a time where live shows have become potentially life-threatening, virtual hypnosis is the ideal alternative to traditional college entertainment.

Hypnosis through the internet may sound like an impossible feat, but clinical hypnosis has been successfully operational via phone and video-chatting for years; long before the pandemic hit. Live virtual hypnosis shows are no exception.

With the experience of our hypnotists presenting the Hypnosis Experience, there is no sacrifice in entertainment or value by going virtual.  In fact, by going virtual, even more is possible than ever before!

The virtual Hypnosis Experience isn’t just a show to watch on your screen. It blends hilarious live entertainment with social media interaction, cyber-psychology and even includes a post-show program on how students can use hypnosis to enhance their lives.

Unlike many programs which have been downgraded in the age of COVID-19, the Hypnosis Experience is the exception to the rule. We are proud to provide top-shelf, premium quality comedy entertainment, safely bringing students together (at a distance of course) in fun, exciting, and bold new ways. Click on the name of each hypnotist below for more information on their shows!

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