Fred has retired and not accepting anymore Fall events so we ask that you review our other hypnotists.
“A smash performance! We’ve never had a crowd so blown away by any other hypnotist as with Frederick Winters!”Ohio Northern University

why book frederick winters?

Frederick Winters is a legendary hypnotist and a “tradition” at hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide and has performed for over 3,000 college shows including his alma mater, Northwestern University!

With a brief and skillful hypnotic induction, Frederick guides the minds of audience volunteers into a world of fantastic daydreams and subconscious responses with hysterical results! The University of Wisconsin said that “Frederick Winters is the most skilled hypnotist that [they] have ever seen! He clearly has a command of the stage and is the best in the business.”
In a recent interview, Frederick said, “A phenomenal hypnosis show comes from experience, experience… and more experience.”

Long story short, Frederick knows what he’s doing.

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