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Program 1: iQuest University

Available as Remote or In-Person Adventure

iQuest University is an innovative welcome experience for students — remote or in person. Promote engagement, collaboration, and community as students embark on this fun, technology-driven tech hunt that sparks enthusiasm for their university as they get to know the campus and each other.

GOAL: Visit locations around campus, complete tasks to earn points, and socialize with peers. Mostly to score the most points!

HOW IT WORKS: Students meet up in small in-person groups, download the game code onto their personal devices, and prepare to take part in a lively competition as they explore the campus together. Our inspiring emcee presents a brief overview of the game, remotely, before the teams take off. Armed with our app as their tour guide, teams visit hotspots embedded on a digital or GPS map of the campus. They learn interesting facts about the most popular locations, engage in special school traditions, answer custom trivia questions, and capture photos and videos — all while earning points and building relationships!

iQuest University provides the perfect orientation to educate students and faculty about campus services and policies and to generate excitement. From the dining hall and dorms to the quad and library, this immersive experience sparks enthusiasm for the upcoming year! At the conclusion of the iQuest, students reconvene to share stories and view photos from their adventure while awaiting the announcement of Top Team Questers!

Program 2: Social Scavenger Hunt University

Available as a Remote Adventure

Get ready for a virtual networking extravaganza at your next group or class get-together! Featuring a digital game board, social media integration and fast-paced bonding activities, Social Scavenger Hunt is designed to elevate your student’s experience as they get to know one another.

GOAL: Network with students in a lively activity.

HOW IT WORKS: Guests meet up on Zoom where our enthusiastic emcee greets participants and introduces the concept of the event. For a handful of rounds, individuals are randomly assigned to breakout rooms where they bond while completing unique challenges. Breakout rooms are re-shuffled to maximize networking potential at intervals throughout the event. Participants are encouraged to introduce themselves to their new breakout roommates and continue the fun.

As groups progress, photos submitted are added to a live photo wall which is accessible to all participants. Social media may also be integrated for more engagement! And, our Networking Ninjas intermingle to help generate enthusiasm and be part of the fun. At the end of the event, guests reunite in the main Zoom room and are encouraged to share stories as they view photos and videos presented by the game master. Guests have a blast sharing laughs and actively engaging!

Program 3: iQuest Around the World

Available as a Remote Adventure

Grab your passport and get ready for a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world! iQuest Around the World is a lively game sharing experience that tests team’s travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles!

GOAL: Accumulate the most frequent flier miles and travel across the globe as far as possible before running out of time.

HOW IT WORKS: Travelers meet up via live video stream (Zoom) and prepare for their adventure. After a brief introduction by our expert tour guide (emcee), travel teams scan a QR code onto their personal devices, and iQuest Around the World takes off!

Teams work together to earn miles as they jet from country to country, visiting local landmarks and completing challenges. Upon arrival in each country, players unlock tasks using image recognition technology via our award-winning app. The trip starts in Argentina, then each new location features a series of tasks & challenges to earn enough travel credits to make it to their next destination. Teams earn travel credits by completing tasks AND for distance traveled. The team with the most travel credits at the end is crowned Top Team Travelers!

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