why book istvan & his imaginary band?

When Istvan starts rocking, kids can’t help but join in! He performs an irresistible mix of interactive rock ‘n’ roll, country, pop-punk and sing-alongs that get heads bobbing. A longtime member of Chicago’s alternative music scene, Istvan started penning children’s tunes after the birth of his daughter, Evie — who often accompanies him on stage.

During performances, Istvan always loves to involve the crowd. Whether it’s playing freeze dance mid song, inviting them up to sing along or having them ring out the rhythm on a tambourine every audience member can be a part of the fun. When it comes to the band, there is nothing imaginary about its possibilities. No matter the size of the venue or gathering, Istvan has the perfect group, from strumming solo on the acoustic guitar to dynamic duos and trios or to the full five-piece rocking band.

It’s not surprising why Istvan & His Imaginary Band have become kid and family music favorites!

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