“As always entertains the crowd. Jeff is one of the best at feeling out the crowd, the students loved him! He brings a goofy high energy that effects everyone. He is a must for a comedy night at any campus. No one will work harder to make a show successful than Jeff Zenisek.”Scott Dunbar, Lake Region Sate College

why book jeff zenisek?

To avoid the constant injuries sustained throughout his semi-pro tennis career, Jeff chose a safer occupation in comedy. Freakishly tall – this 6’ 7″ Czech, curly-haired Ken Barbie doll, is making big moves in comedy and would love to make his way to your campus!

Winning more in comedy than he ever came close to in tennis, Jeff has been previously awarded Best of the Fest at the 2015 Devil Cup in NYC. He has also made appearances at comedy festivals across the US, including Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival and the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston (pretty impressive considering Jeff is a man in comedy). Jeff has worked with comics such as Nikki Glaser (Not Safe), Tom Segura (Your Mom’s House Podcast).

FUN FACT: He ate pancakes with Nate Bargatze and also took Bill Burr to the gun range.

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