why book jg’s reptile road show?

Shows are 60-75 minutes long and is as exciting an experience as it is interactive both children and adults. Included are some very impressive animals, like a 5 ft monitor lizard, a 13 ft Burmese Python, a 80 lb tortoise, and an African Bull Frog to name a few! The kids get to pet, hold, and handle the animals and may even get to sit on the giant tortoise and go for a ride!

All programs are educational, entertaining and appropriate for all ages. Whether you are throwing a party, are a school, library, day-care center, park district, or Scout Troop, JG’s Reptile Road Show makes learning about reptiles fun!

Children will learn about the environment and how reptiles play an important role in nature. A hands-on approach to learning makes JG’s Reptile Road Show a must for your next educational event!

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