why book justin smith?

Justin Smith is a NYC-based comedian from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On paper he is the definition of an Oklahoma stereotype. He was raised in a religious household, went to a conservative Christian college, worked in the oilfield, loves BBQ and the phrase “fixen to”. But it doesn’t take long after meeting Justin to realize that he is the farthest thing from a stereotype. He is quick-witted, brutally honest, and incredibly engaging, which is the main reason his resume is so diverse.

Justin has performed everywhere from the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem and The Kennedy Center in D.C., to various festivals ranging from the notorious Hell Yes Fest, to the Underground Comedy Festival in D.C. He has also had the please of touring with great comics like Nick Swardson and Nate Bargatze. Justin has no limits. He currently resides in NYC where he lives in a Hispanic neighborhood, rides crowded trains everyday, and performs nightly all over the city.

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