why book live band karaoke for a virtual show?

Say goodbye to your boring karaoke machine, and fulfill your rock and roll fantasies! Become the lead singer in a real LIVE rock band. The guys in the band are YOUR backup band, and even sing backup vocals to make YOU the star!

how it works:

Using Zoom, the live band would be set up in one location with camera and audio hookups. Lyrics will be on a shared screen from the band so that both band and lyrics will be seen, if desired. Lyrics can also be forwarded to students to see on their own devices in real time, if that option is preferred.

On the school’s end, if there is a hall, cafe, or any other space for students to safely social distance, a video screen with audio hookup can be set up with the band being displayed. Singer(s) would be set up in front of the screen with a camera and mic. Another option would be to have students join the call from their dorms if it’s not possible to do a live setup at the school. Or both can be done. We will coordinate with school’s AV department when necessary.

Another option would be to have a live band “sing-along” where the band is playing and singing songs and students can join from any location. That is an option some schools will be trying. It would be similar to dueling pianos except with a full band and a much wider song selection.

Song lists will be forwarded to the school ahead of time to allow students to prepare for the virtual show.

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