why book matt glowacki?

Matt Glowacki has delivered messages of diversity to over a million people and two sitting presidents of the United States. He also has had the honor of being the most-booked diversity speaker on college campuses for the past 10 years.

Matt’s presentations teach students how to find happiness, develop better understanding of social justice and diversity, and how to see potential in themselves while overcoming personal disabilities and challenges. Voted Campus Activities Magazine’s Best Speaker and Best Diversity Artist, Matt would be the perfect fit for educational events and workshops.

matt offers 5 unique programs:

  • come out as disabled

    Designed to target and encourage people with hidden and apparent disabilities to self-identify and get the help they need to be successful. Reaching these people can be difficult because of the stigma surrounding disability and the personal privacy issues that both hinder and stifle the conversations necessary to offer the best assistance to people in need. That is why this event facilitates private, self-directed empathic conversations in which participants share the story of how disability impacts them. Through active listening, understanding, and validation, we can direct those people to the appropriate areas where trained professionals can suggest what useful accommodations might be of assistance. All the while creating a supportive culture that normalizes the conversation surrounding disability and promotes the sharing of successful self-advocacy outcomes to inspire other people to get the assistance they need as well.

  • nurture your nature

    Designed for anyone who is seeking to better integrate their own identity within a community. In this session Matt explains the concepts of intersectionality, codeswitching, and passing within a framework of social justice. Matt introduces the concept of Disability Privilege and how it impacts his life and discusses the different groups that individuals are all inherently a part of. In guiding interactions between audience members, Matt teaches how these group identities impact individuals’ experiences and exchanges with others.

  • aren't we all just a little bit prejudiced?

    It’s human nature to make judgments about things based on past interactions and experiences. Prejudging a situation or person is natural. People do it intrinsically and often immediately. Where individuals sometimes fail is in how they interact with others based solely upon those thoughts and feelings. This lecture is a candid look at how people gauge their perception of others. It brings home the idea that setting high expectations for everyone, while understanding the nature of their difference, is how to get the best out of people while helping them maximize their potential. In his presentation, Matt guides people to grow from their interactions with others regardless of their individual differences.

  • diversity according to family guy and south park

    “Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park” uses clips from the television shows to illustrate three different diversity/social justice issues in one program. In the presentation Matt covers ableism, which is discrimination toward people with a disability. He addresses the hardships of trying to overcome physical disabilities and the additional challenges hidden disabilities pose, such as anxiety, depression, and mental health. In explaining lookism, he describes how people in the U.S. undermine themselves by not conforming to the stereotypical image of beauty. Finally, Matt teaches everyone how to conduct an upstander intervention and explains why people within a minority group might be allowed to say certain words.

  • walking is over-rated!

    This humorous program offers new insights into another’s perspective. Many able-bodied people never have the opportunity to get up close and personal with someone who is living with a disability. This presentation aims to help prevent people from engaging in labeling language or other inappropriate stereotypical behaviors surrounding disability. Matt’s candid style motivates people to learn more about themselves and provides an insightful view into disability, while addressing the most frequently asked questions from “How do you go to the bathroom?” to “Do you only date people in wheelchairs?” There are no bad questions – and for the record, he was just born without any legs. Everything else is there and works just fine.

  • happy hour 24/7

    “Happy Hour 24/7” proves that alcohol doesn’t have be part of a successful social gathering. Matt discusses the scientifically proven secrets of true happiness and how “doing happiness” with others creates lifelong relationships. Getting to know yourself, finding what makes you happy, and sharing that with other people is not only personally liberating, but socially responsible as well, as happy people are better members, leaders, and participants. Matt teaches that it’s time to stop searching for happiness and start learning how it works, how best to identify it for yourself, and how to share it with others.

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