“Every joke is delivered with the precise timing and wording that amplifies the entire joke as a whole, making the performance feel more like a natural conversation between really good friends… essentially comes down to what is great storytelling.”Dune Lorenz, Purdue University Northwest

why book michael palascak for a virtual show?

Michael’s virtual shows consist of him doing stand-up comedy via the internet with the option of including a special Bright Side segment personalized for your school. The Bright Side is Michael’s attempt to find positivity even in the most negative places. Prior to the show, Michael will reach out for things students love about going to college at that specific college/university and things people really dislike. Using this information, Michael will then personalize a segment called “The Bright Side of (Insert College Name).”  Also during the performance Michael can include a segment called, Rapid Fire Bright Side, where students  chat things that bother them about life or being a college student and Michael finds the Bright Side on the spot. For instance, a student might type “cafeteria food sucks” and Michael might say “you’ll learn to cook for yourself at a younger age.”

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