“They are completely awesome, very easy to work with, down to earth and the students absolutely loved them! Many students have stopped me today and said, ‘We HAVE to get them back here!'”Holly Mason, Ohio State University Newark/Central Ohio Technical College

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  • Voted Entertainers of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine

  • Voted Best Comedy Act by Campus Activities Magazine

  • The most-booked improv group on the college market!

Mission IMPROVable is a comedy team that performs a totally unique style of short-form improv. They are one of the top-ranked traveling comedy companies in the country. This Chicago and Los Angeles-based troupe has proven itself as a consistent presence in the college market. The members of Mission IMPROVable adopt the roles of secret comedy agents, ready to take you on a laughing roller coaster. The audience members are the co-agents and participate in hilarious theater games or “missions” by yelling out suggestions and performing on stage. This highly interactive show uses a lot of audience members to add to the comedy experience. The on-the-spot randomness provided by the audience makes each mission truly unique and hilarious. May your mission be a memorable one!

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