why book nerdology for a virtual program?

Nerdology is the hilarious, interactive pop culture game show for everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. The “Nerd” in Nerdology means we’re a game show for comic book nerds, sports nerds, political nerds, TV nerds, film nerds… EVERY NERD.

Think you know a lot about a lot? Are you the one who always seems to have the answers to your friends’ questions about pop-culture, video games, and comic books? Do you rarely need to google stuff? Then Nerdology is the perfect show for you! This program is an interactive pop-culture trivia show. A mix of awesome games and trivia interspersed with fun audience participation. Come play! Win prizes! Test your knowledge! Zoom rooms are limited to 100 people but can be done in 2 sessions if you have more than 100 people sign up for the event.

The game is divided into 4 rounds with 10 questions each. They range from questions about breakfast cereal mascots to popular music. After each round, Nerdology presents a NERD ALERT! Nerd Alerts are mini games that allow students to volunteer to win even more prizes. These mini-games come in the form of head-to-head competition OR an all play where ALL students compete.

Nerdology uses the Zoom Webinar platform so that students communicate through the chat and answer questions through a Google Form that is sent to them through the chat. Because Nerdology utilizes the Zoom Webinar platform, we have more control and can focus participants’ attention on what is important as opposed to having 100 talking heads on screen.

Four weeks before the scheduled event, your hosts will email you a link to share with your students so you can start promoting the event ASAP. Once the time of the show arrives, they can pop right in and show off their nerd prowess. If you need registration, we can handle that too.

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