“The feedback we got from students was that the DJs were amazing!!! Thank you for always producing such quality events/products. You are always my first call when I need programming help.”
Wendy Newell, Kenyon College

why book operation glow?

Founded in 2012 in Chicago, Operation Glow was the first mobile paint party/EDM concert for hire in the United States. Using gallons of UV paint shot through the air, foam pouring from the stage, confetti falling from the sky, and UV bubbles rushing through the extra space, Operation Glow gives an adrenaline rush the partiers like to call “OG.”

Operation Glow comes with many special effects to make sure the party never stops. The organic UV paint is certified safe, water based, edible (not recommended), and washable! OG upgrades and services all concert equipment weekly to ensure the best production possible. Every performance leaves the audience ravenous for more!

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what your partiers can expect:

  • gallons of UV paint, glowing bubbles, foam flurry, confetti storm, and more!

  • EDM DJs, splash crew, and tour-grade concert lighting and sound

  • live media coverage

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