“…Carlos was awesome! Our students really took to him and he was so gracious to stay and speak with so many students after his performance. It was really great to have him on campus.”Janet Klinck, Gateway Community College

why book carlos robson?

Carlos Robson is an award-winning spoken word poet, playwright, and teaching artist.

As a “slam” poet, he’s competed in local, regional, national, and international competitions, winning the National Poetry Slam championship in 2007 and again in 2008 as a member of the North Carolina-based team, SlamCharlotte.

He has performed in all corners of the nation and on Broadway.

carlos’ workshops:

(all workshops are about 60 minutes)

the purpose of performance and performing with purpose

A workshop for up-and-coming performance poets & singer/songwriters

This workshop will help attendees:

  • Find the reason they wrote their piece and help them to bring that out in their performance
  • Make sure they don’t rush their climax
  • Ensure that the best moments of their piece aren’t overlooked or underperformed because they never thought to emphasize or stress their purpose

  • Make sure any habits they may have aren’t distracting the audience from really appreciating what they have to say

    • Ex. Walking in place, hip-hop hands, getting too loud too early, etc.

  • Guarantee they don’t have any conflicting moments in the piece where the audience may lose faith in their message

Ultimately it’s about helping attendees find their purpose, making sure they’ve found their voice eliminating those x-factors that keep them from being in tune with their audience, and always using the things they have to go the greatest distance.

how to tell a great story in 3 minutes or less

For any aspiring storytellers, poets or public speakers

This workshop will help attendees:

  • Get across what they are trying to express to the audience. Both the topic and their commentary on the topic.
  • Communicate what their story has to say about the topic and ensure that they’re aligned enough that the message isn’t being blurred 
  • Solidify the three parts to a story:
    1. ​Beginning: How to introduce an idea, character, an argument
    2. Middle: How to create momentum in a story, like all good second acts, the stakes must be raised to give a story urgency and a strong need for resolution
    3. End: How to wrap up a debate and how to best solve the problems created in the story up until now
  • Lastly, define the best moments of a story so that it sticks with the listener long after they’ve heard the story, or left the venue. How to make sure they’re reminded of the story the next time they come across the subject of the piece
the art of the slam

A strategic talk on preparing for a poetry, for the novices as well as the pros

This workshop will help attendees:

  • Understanding the aspects of slam 
    • Bout draw
    • Score creep 
    • Clean slate vs cumulative scoring
  • How to read the room:
    • Using the space
    • Using the stage
    • Using the mic
    • Projection
    • Knowing their performance strengths
  • Understand the strategies in slam:
    • Reading an audience
    • Meeting/knowing the judges
    • Picking the right poems
    • Poem placement

Lastly, Carlos will incorporate his own personal theory on slam, ‘Setting the Bar’.

creativity: how to be a one-man band

A lecture, question and answer style workshop about:

  • ​How creativity works
  • How to harness it
  • ​The good & bad habits of artists
  • How to learn from the masters of your artform/discipline
  • Lessons in how to be a consistent creative
  • ​​Staying informed on your medium
  • Staying inspired by all mediums
  • ​​Staying confident
  • How to create by defining a goal
  • How to create spontaneously
  • How to respect your audience
  • Being boring first

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