why book psychic barb meyer for a virtual show?

Why invite a tarot reader to your virtual party? It can add zest to your party: giving people insights into their lives, information that they may find useful or just a good laugh. Barb reads tarot cards in a way that is insightful, positive, and FUN. Each of your guests will get a one-on-one reading that will leave them amazed and excited by what they hear. She can dress as a “gypsy fortuneteller” (Madame Zandra, who knows & tells all!) or in plain clothes. Barb can set up the Zoom link and enable a “waiting room” so guests can come in for a private reading or with a couple of friends as they desire.

This is great for small groups, but can work for any size group, any age from 12 years old and up. About 10 readings can be done per hour.

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