why book pyrotechniq?

Pyrotechniq has significant experience designing, producing, and executing visually stunning kinetic fire performances. Our performances include a set of choreographed pieces with elements of fire, UV and L.E.D. We customize the show to your specific needs, including a combination of solos, duets, trios, quartets and if applicable, large-scale finale. We include a wide spectrum of musical styles and props (including hula hoops, fire swords, umbrellas, poi, fans, rope dart, staves, clubs, palm torches, juggling torches, veils, and more) to cater to all tastes and atmospheres and employ many elements of dance and body movement. We have many choreographed pieces to accommodate any venue, anywhere, for any theme, length of time, and size. Above all, safety is our priority.

UV, Blacklight, & L.E.D. Performances:

When fire is not an option, or if you’re looking for something vibrant, new and different, an Ultraviolet (UV) and L.E.D. performance is an excellent option. Most of our choreographed acts can easily transfer to UV (blacklight) and/or L.E.D. This medium enables a wider spectrum of specialized flow tools and techniques that aren’t possible with fire.

Teaching & Workshops:

Pyrotechniq provides a well-rounded, fully-immersed instructional experience for every student in the tools we offer. We cover all the various aspects that exist in the art of object manipulation ranging from the technical, to the beautiful, and from the physical to the ethereal. Dance and body awareness is equally as important in fire dance as proper technique. Upon request, we can also build a customized workshop for larger groups fitted to the desired tool, schedules, purpose and interest of the students. Lessons invariably include elements of body movement, technical knowledge, and fire safety.

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