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“That was an excellent event! Thank you so much for an engaging and meaningful session. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime.”Shane Hill, South Plains College

why book rachel sheerin?

Looking for a boost in communication, confidence, teamwork, and morale? This training is for you!

With fast, fun and relevant, eye-opening activities, this training aims at unlocking awareness about ourselves, other team members, and the behavior and communication styles that shape our thoughts, reactions and feelings.

Perfect for teams looking to work on team members’ mindset, confidence, understanding, and connection to guests, peers, and the power they have inside!

  1. Superpowers for Connection: Gain understanding and awareness of yourself and others so you can provide better service, advocate your best ideas, and create more meaningful relationships at work and in your personal life.
  2. From Good to Great: Building team and internal relationships full of trust, respect, and understanding.
  3. Negotiate Great: Negotiation for today’s modern world, challenges, and audiences.
  4. Asking for Goodness: A mini mindset course in asking for what you want, getting your best ideas across, and loving the results.
  5. Expectations + Boundaries: How to set them, mind them, and communicate them to your clients, peers and your team.
  6. Positive Perspectives: How to retrain your brain for happiness and how to influence others around you.
  7. Confidently YOU: Taking ownership, pride, and joy in your freak flag (and inspiring everyone along the way).
  8. Recruiting the Right Way: How to find, engage, and keep great team members, student leaders, and volunteers.
  9. Bridging the Gap: How to connect with different cultures, ages, and work styles in the multi-generational workplace.
  10. Strengthen Your Service: 10 easy-to-use coaching habits for the big-hearted professional.
Other modules available upon request, including the below topics:

Professional etiquette, coaching methods, burnout prevention, succession planning, badass leadership, authentic professionalism + more.

Departments served:

Student Affairs, Admissions, Operations, Facilities, IT + more!

After the training, participants will walk away:
  • Having insight into themselves, their team, and their clients that enable them to be better communicators & team players
  • Understanding the power of behavior, words, body language, tone, influence, and personal pride in their jobs while building confidence to be the expert their clients and team need
  • Embracing new communication and negotiating skills, empowering team members to take initiatives to help further the client experience, their career, and the organization’s overall goals
  • Being able to utilize new communication and negotiation skills on a daily basis in a way that pushes the culture and reputation of themselves, their brand, their mission, and their goals forward
  • With the knowledge of how to motivate, care for, and love themselves and others on the team
  • Half Day – pick 3 modules OR do 2 modules twice (2 groups served)
  • Full Day – pick 7 modules OR do 2 modules four times (4 groups served) OR do 4 modules twice (2 groups served)

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