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“Rachel Sheerin was an amazing speaker who brought energy, excitement, passion and motivation to our students virtually. It felt like she was in the room in person due to her presence and energy. We would love to work with her again in the future due to her nature, her message, and all her stories that were inspiring and motivational to the students and staff that joined.”Joshua Sumrell, Eastern Connecticut State University

why book rachel sheerin for a virtual program?

  • professional quality streaming

    Rachel has invested in high quality mics, cameras, lighting, staging, props, and streaming platforms so schools don’t have to worry about quality or technology. She stands out for how great she and her setup looks on screen!

  • surprise and delight

    Bringing in improv and props, programs with Rachel never look the same when you book her. From light up glasses to handwritten paper slides, sound effects, interactive polls and more, she keep students engaged, laughing, and wondering what comes next!

  • inclusive environment

    Understanding how to engage virtually, Rachel’s virtual programs have more interaction, response ,and deeper connection that in-person thanks to the comfort of screens and her motivational and loving energy.

  • done-for-you marketing

    Rachel takes care of setting up the technology, provides all the social media and website images/captions and runs the entire program with her team. We let school leaders LEAD and we handle the rest!

  • cute dog

    From time to time, audiences see Rachel’s Chief Bark Officer, Bricks in the background of programs! Who doesn’t love a happy pup?

Rachel Sheerin, CPBA, is an international speaker and trainer who is on a personal mission to help people grow and thrive in life, happiness and beyond. Recently named Speaker of the Year and featured in Inc. Magazine, Rachel’s an international TEDx speaker that brings energy, humor and inspiration to stages from Spain to Seattle.

Check out all of Rachel’s workshops and programs that can be done virtually:

1. Resume writing for success
2. Build an awesome LinkedIn profile +  getting noticed professionally online
3. Crushing the Job Hunt: How to apply, rock an interview and get a job you love
4. Video Star: How to set up, show up and be your awesome self in online videos
5. Positive Perspectives: How to retrain your brain for happiness and how to influence others around you  
6. Rockstar Leadership 101: A bootcamp for young leaders who want to make a big difference in their world
7. Money Isn’t Scary: Empower your money mindset and get comfortable gaining wealth in your life
8. Tough Times: How to handle stress, change and the unknown in your world, life and self

1. Mentorship Bootcamp: How to build + launch an effective mentorship program
2. An Expert’s Guide to Awesome Virtual Communication: How to be as awesome working-from-home as you are in real life
3. Leadership, Trust and Crisis: How to manage teams through rapidly changing events, goals and structure
4. Superpowers for Service: How to be a superhero for your students, team and organization
5. Asking for Greatness: How to ask for what you want, get it and feel good
6. Expectations + Boundaries: How to set them, mind them, and communicate them to your students, peers and leadership
7. From Good To Great: Building team and internal relationships full of trust, respect and understanding
8. Hiring Happy: How to attract, hire, train and keep great team members and leaders!
9. How to Say NO with a Smile: A lesson for chronic over-helping, over-committing, burned out education professionals
10. Mindset of Greatness: How to train your brain to self-motivate, self-energize and self-care
11. Creating an Incredible Event in the Virtual Space: Learn the best tools, tips, and event design strategies to make your virtual meetings, gatherings and events awesome and engaging
12. Impactful Presentations: How to deliver content, engage audiences and make viewers FEEL in the virtual video space.
13. Working From Oh-NO: How to manage the transition to Work From Home in stressful times with your campus
14. Digital Do’s and Don’ts: Your guide to best practices, etiquette, and misunderstandings online

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