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“Several students and staff said the program was great. One commented that it was the best use of college money for a program that he has ever experienced! Rachel is an energetic speaker. Her passion for leadership is apparent. She engages students and makes them want to be passionate about leadership, as well. Her Rockstar Leadership program would be a perfect fit for resident assistant training, student governments, and other student leader groups.”Shane Hill, South Plains College

why book rachel sheerin?

Rachel Sheerin, CPBA, is an international speaker and trainer who is on a personal mission to help people grow and thrive in life, happiness and beyond. Recently named Speaker of the Year and featured in Inc. Magazine, Rachel’s an international TEDx speaker that brings energy, humor and inspiration to stages from Spain to Seattle.

rachel’s programs & learning outcomes:

strive + thrive

After attending, participants will walk away with:

  • Awareness of triggers that lead to stress and overwhelm
  • Tools and strategies on how to protect themselves before stress is created and heal themselves when stress arrives
  • Understanding and empathy for self and others’, how people deal with stress and how they can support others on campus
  • Energy and confidence to tackle the semester and year ahead

ugh, no, omg: burnout and how to get back to feeling great

After attending, participants will walk away with:

  • Awareness about what burnout is, the signs of burnout and what causes burnout to happen
  • The ability to heal themselves of burnout and prevent burnout from happening to themselves and the people they care about in the future
  • Knowledge and awareness of self, goals and success that matters most to them as individuals so they can build a life they love.

superpowers for success

After attending, participants will walk away with:

  • Awareness of themselves, their behavior styles and how others perceive them
  • Understanding of an easy-to-use system to identify others’ behavior styles, what they need to feel safe and trust others, and how to advocate their best ideas to get what they want in every situation
  • Tangible takeaways, scripts and templates for emails and phone calls to help boost connection and understanding
  • Superpowers that create deeper, more meaningful relationships with everyone they meet

hello, i’m awesome: how to level up by being your authentic self

After attending, participants will walk away with:

  • A deep understanding of why the world limits authenticity, what it looks like when we fake it and what’s at stake if we aren’t honest with ourselves and the world about who we are
  • A list of authentic traits, stories, and facts that separate them from everyone else in the world, making them memorable, unique and untouchably awesome
  • Effective strategies for infusing authenticity into their work, lives and future
  • The knowledge and confidence that they are total awesome badasses who are capable of anything

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