“Here’s the thing: Ralph never gets it wrong. As kids’ musicians go, he’s as close to the Beatles as they get, both in terms of sound and sheer brilliance.”Tammy LaGorce, Musicbox-online

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Ralph’s World is the mega-fun musical planet where kids rock rock rock and dance dance dance to their own and their parents’ delight. It’s the creation of Ralph Covert: indie rocker, songwriter, playwright, and children’s book author. He’s taken the same high-energy and super melodic sense that he developed for his touring pop-rock band to kid’s music- basically only the lyrics are changed for the ears of the innocent. His McCartneyesque style (both musically and his sense of charm) has won him hundreds of thousands of three-feet-and-under fans and their parents.

In addition to making new music and playing lots of concerts, Ralph is also currently working on “Ralph’s World: Time Machine Guitar,” a television series that combines music and history in a fanciful scenario wherein he and three puppet pals travel through time and space while both learning and playing music with true figures such as Ben Franklin and Beethoven. A pilot (available on DVD) has been shot, and plans are being developed to produce the first full season.

Covert’s national media appearances for Ralph’s World include NPR’s All Things Considered, ABC World News Tonight, The CBS Morning Show, and Sirius XM Kids Radio New Year’s Eve broadcast. His praise in print nationally includes Newsweek, Time, Time, People and Parade.

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