why book real escape rooms?

Bring the newest craze to your college campus! Real Escape Rooms are insanely captivating, immersive, and challenging! The rooms are designed to stump you, and require teamwork to solve, making it the ultimate team-building activity. After all, your group’s mission is to save lives – or even the world!

choose from our 7 rooms:

Requirements (for all rooms EXCEPT Secrets of the Museum Challenge):

– access to wi-fi
– 3 outlets per room and 2 electrical outlets
– a suitable space for each escape room
– at least 225 square feet multipurpose room, classroom, or similar type of room

*Each room can hold up to 8-10 people at a time.

*Each escape room takes 30 minutes.

patient zero: part 1

Welcome to Nano-Gen Enterprises. We’ve created Josie, a supercomputer that can cure anything by healing the body quickly. The problem is, she created a nano-virus that also destroys every part of the brain that makes us human. Infected people are vicious, hard to kill and, well, eat people. The media calls them “zombies.”
Before he died, Dr. Figaro Skaramousch left clues on how to neutralize the virus before anyone else turns. But, he had to hide and disguise everything so Josie couldn’t find them. You will have to solve the clues he left you and reprogram the nano-virus before it gets worse. Not hard enough? Well, as soon as you enter the room, you will be infected. You have 30 minutes to find the cure before the disease has done severe damage to your body, and you become a zombie.

snow globe

Jack Frost is fed up! Feeling like his talents have been under-appreciated and ignored by his mother, Mother Nature, and father, Father Time, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. He has stolen the sacred objects of his mother and father: a clock that can control time, and a pendant that can control weather. He is planning to turn the world into his own personal snow globe to prove just how clever and talented he really is. Players, this is where you come in. In 30 minutes, the time will be up and all the world will be a winter wonderland. Before this happens, you must work together and find the sacred objects and stop the timer. Unless you want to be stuck wearing parkas and reliving the same day on repeat, you must move fast!

extinction level

Asteroid AG-23 has been detected by NASA satellites and we only have 30 minutes to intercept it with a combined missile attack. The entire world is coming together to attempt to avert apocalypse and every missile counts. Unfortunately the Army’s mobile nuclear launch station 3201 has been attacked by terrorists. The staff is dead and the launch keys are missing. You have exactly 30 minutes to solve the puzzles, find the 5 launch keys and turn them simultaneously to launch the missile and save us all!

secrets of the museum challenge: large room escape room

Requirements (for Secrets of the Museum Challenge ONLY):

-For 2 rooms: Minimum 15×15 area, 2 circuits and 2-4 volunteers
-For 4-6 rooms- Minimum 85×90 area, 4 circuits, 2-4 volunteers and 2 tables

-Access to Wi-Fi

-We provide pipe and drape.

*Each room can hold up to 5 people at a time.

*Each escape room takes 15 minutes.

Huge fun and high volume. Escape rooms involve teams of players working together to solve a series of puzzles. The new escape rooms can accommodate up to 100 players an hour (6 room setup) with 5-player teams taking on a fifteen-minute mission. Teams solve complex puzzles and challenges to succeed. Featuring augmented reality in select rooms. Multiple themes, set-ups and times to choose from. Now introducing the Secrets of the Museum Challenge: You and your team enter a fake museum of natural history created by eccentric and recently deceased millionaire Oliver Bancroft. Oliver’s grandchildren want his money which is hidden and booby-trapped inside the museum. Can your team solve the riddles and recover the treasures in time? Secrets of the Museum offers multiple unique rooms tied to the same theme for a perfect themed event at your school. Pricing for 2-room/30-player per hour setup. Other room combinations available.

patient zero: part 2

The virus has mutated.
We thought we had it under control, but then something happened. Dr. Skaramouch, patient zero, was never captured. He kept getting stronger and infecting more and more people. A new strain has mutated and we can’t slow or stop the outbreak unless we can find his blood sample and reverse-engineer it. You will need to enter the original facility where the accident occurred, so expect it to be a wreck. After all, it’s where the apocalypse began.
Hopefully, with your help, it will be where the apocalypse ends.


A cop on a stake-out has been murdered, and the killer left a bomb in order to cover up the evidence. Your team needs to use that evidence to discover who did it, why, and then neutralize the threat of this explosive.
It’s ticking down and you need to discover the right 4-digit code to enter into the keypad in under 45 minutes if you want to survive. If you type in the wrong number, or shake it just a little too much, it starts counting down ten times as fast!
Luckily there are clues upon clues and puzzles within puzzles that will allow you to unravel the mystery of how to defuse the bomb and escape the room with your lives intact. Good luck! We’re all depending on you!
Please note: we ask that the purchaser provides 4 large Ziplock bags and 1 lb. of clay.

school of wizardry

You are cordially invited to participate as a student at Pigwarts School of Wizardry.
However, since that recent unpleasantness with you-know-who last year, our esteemed university will be holding auditions this year.
These are not for the faint of heart. These trials will test your magical aptitude and ability to overcome various challenges that may include charms, potions, divination, levitation, and/or runes. Magicians-to-be will be separated from muddles and houses will be sorted out. No prior magical experience is required. Wands will be provided for your use.

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