“Say What?! Is the perfect combination of funny and educational. It encourages students to really think about what they are saying and doing, and does it in a way that engages them rather than scares them away. We have been searching and trying different performers to talk about microaggressions, diversity and inclusion for several years now and we have finally found the one that works for us. As always Catharsis hit the nail on the head with this amazing program.”
Alondra Olvera, Blackburn College

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Students are a diverse group of people, not only in their character and opinions, but also in their gender, race, ethnicity, age, and abilities. Does your institution consider diversity and inclusivity to be important? Are your educators creating a welcoming and safe space for their students? Do your students know how to have an open, yet respectful dialogue? Catharsis Productions can help you create a respectful environment and an inclusive culture where everyone loves to work, study, and prepare for a professional environment. Catharsis Productions uses humor, interactive talk, and exercises to create an impactful and meaningful learning environment for all participants. Say What?! utilizes research from psychology and adult learning theory mixed with real world discussion and examples of cultural differences happening around us.

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