why book sean bott for a virtual program?

Brain Break: In the unpredictable upheaval campuses are experiencing right now, students need a way to pause the disconnection and stress that is everywhere currently. They need something a bit like things used to be. They need a break.

In the live stream show, Brain Break, comedy mind reader Sean Bott will give your students just that. Your students will experience a 30-minute mentalism show featuring their thoughts, dreams, experiences, and humor, followed by a 15-minute toolset breakout session. This breakout session will cover empirically-supported self care and empathy skills, helping viewers to remember how to thrive in adversity.

This highly interactive, hilarious, mind-bending experience is a perfect way to help your students feel seen, heard, and that they matter. From customized mind reading to learning a few powerful self care and connection techniques, your students will leave with a shared group experience, great stories, and a sharpened toolset. Students will be able to address Zoom fatigue and isolation, as well as renewed energy to face an ever-changing world. 

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