“The show was amazing! Students were super engaged and gave very positive reviews. The actors were phenomenal and it was such a pleasure working with them.”Farzana Katideen, Rutgers University

why book sex signals?

  • A unique combination of improvisational comedy, education, and audience participation.

  • Provides a provocative, in-your-face look at issues surrounding dating, sex, and date rape on college campuses.

  • Explores how mixed messages, gender role stereotypes, and unrealistic fantasies contribute to misunderstandings between the sexes.

sex signals learning objectives

Provides a definition of active consent, unpacks the importance and necessity of consent, explains the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, frames rape as a moral issue, encourages the importance of bystander intervention, deconstructs the impact of rape on the victim (and the community), debunks myths surrounding rape and survivors of violence.

we’ve updated the program for 2020!

what we’ve kept:

  • Provides a provocative, in-your-face look at issues surrounding dating, sex, and rape on college campuses.

  • Uses humor, dialogue, and semi-improvisational scenes to explore cultural messaging on gender, sexuality, sexual health, and intimate relationships.

what we’ve updated:

  • Provides students the opportunity to critically analyze toxic cultural messaging about sexual orientation and gender and how those stereotypes support rape myths and victim-blaming.

  • Examines what role culture and privilege play in justifying unhealthy and dangerous beliefs about what is acceptable social and sexual behavior.

  • Includes an intersectional lens to critique how stereotypes about sexuality and gender identity contribute to a culture that privileges some and objectifies others.

  • Now featuring a scene about a college student defending his buddy from a recent rape accusation, challenging audiences to see problems that may arise from being a bystander and providing strategies on how to do something to stop it.

sex signals as a virtual program

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