“CL did an amazing job! Our students really enjoyed his presentation and we heard great feedback. He definitely presented what I thought was the best educational presentation I have seen so far!” Ashford University

who is c.l. lindsay?

In 1998, attorney C.L. Lindsay III left his practice in New York City to found the Coalition for Student & Academic Rights (CO-STAR). Since then, acting as its Executive Director, he has built CO-STAR into a national student rights organization that helps thousands of college students with their legal problems, free of charge, each year. C.L. is a nationally-recognized expert and leader in the field of student rights and academic freedom. He literally wrote the book on legal problems at colleges. The College Student’s Guide to the Law has become the definitive authority used by students, university counsel, and as a textbook for master’s and law courses nationwide. He graduated magna cum laude from Denison University and received his J.D. from the University of Michigan. In his spare time, he teaches courses in law and literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

why book sex & the law?

Sex & the law meets all Title IX requirements and will ensure that your students or troops understand how the law applies to the more sordid parts of their lives. After the lecture attendees will:

    • Fully understand the concept of consent in sexual situations and have practices to put in place in their personal lives
    • Be aware of recent high profiles cases of on-campus sexual violence including the legal ramifications
    • Understand the effects of sexual assault on survivors
    • Be aware of the implications of Title IX from sports to the classroom to sexual relations
    • Be trained in Bystander Intervention and be given strategies to implement when they see a potentially dangerous situation arise
    • Be aware of local and school rules and laws that overlap with the concepts presented when applicable
    • Understand current social norms (such as “wing men”) and understand how thinking about sexual relationships needs to change
    • Know the main contacts of campus and local entities that can help with sexual assault survivors
    • Have an understanding of when a personal interaction has crossed the line into unwanted sexual attention
    • Have an understanding of how public indecency and public urination/defecation intersect.
    • Know the basics of current sexting laws, including recent cases and newly passed laws

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