Showcasing acts at NACA Spring 2019 conferences

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We had a blast at NACA Nationals in Columbus, OH! Routing dates are still available. Link up with us to save $$ and call for discounted pricing! If you forgot who we had showcase, check it out below:




NACA Nationals (February 16-20)

Poet Carlos Robson

Comedian Chris James

Hypnotist Chris Jones

Magician Daniel Martin

Shiny Penny Band

Shot of Reality

The Hook Up





We can’t wait to see you all at NACA Northern Plains! Below are our showcasing acts:

NACA Northern Plains (March 28-31 in St. Paul, MN)

Central Park Bubbles (3/30/19)

Magician Daniel Martin (3/30/19)

Kristen Ford (one-woman looping band) (3/29/19)

Live Band Karaoke (3/29/19)

Comedian Myq Kaplan (3/29/19)

Mentalist Sean Bott (3/29/19)