Showcasing acts at NACA Fall 2018 conferences

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Hey there! We are very excited to kick off the new school year with our NEW website! Keep checking back here over the next couple of months and throughout the year for different blog posts and news going on with us and our roster. But for now, check out who you will be seeing at each NACA conference from BSE this Fall!

NACA South (September 27-30)

Chris Jones on 9/27/18

Chris James on 9/29/18

C.L. Lindsay: Alcohol, Parties & the Law on 9/28/18

SungBeats on 9/28/18

Carlos Robson on 9/29/18


NACA Central (October 4-7)

SungBeats on 10/4/18

C.L. Lindsay: Sex & the Law on 10/5/18

Carlos Robson on 10/6/18

Angie Keilhauer on 10/6/18


NACA Mid-Atlantic (October 11-14)

A Shot of Reality on 10/12/18

Central Park Bubbles on 10/13/18

Mad Chad Taylor on 10/13/18

Carlos Robson on 10/13/18


NACA Mid-America (October 25-28)

Hollywood Comedy Murder Mystery on 10/25/18

Carlos Robson on 10/26/18

Marcus Monroe 10/27/18


NACA Northeast (November 1-4)

Hollywood Comedy Murder Mystery on 11/1/18

Daniel Martin on 11/3/18

Marcus Monroe on 11/3/18

Chris James on 11/3/18


NACA West (November 8-11)

Nerdology on 11/9/18