why book silent disco?

With tens of thousands of top of the range headphones available, we power hundreds of events across the globe every year. From festivals, nightclubs and corporate events to weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs – whatever the size or type of event, we’re here to help make it a night to remember. Never been to a silent disco before? Here’s how it works:

  1. Your guests arrive at your event and take a pair of our awesome wireless headphones.
  2. Two DJs set up and spin two different styles of music side by side. One DJ may be spinning top 40 while the other is spinning the latest in hip hop. Same dancefloor, same time!
  3. Your guests select their DJ of choice using a toggle switch on our headphones and get busy on the dancefloor. Guests can switch backwards and forwards between each DJ during the course of the event.
  4. Now what have you got? One half of the dancefloor moving to one beat, while the other half gets down to a completely different soundtrack. Take the headphones off and you’re looking at a mass of people moving to grooves only they can hear! Although you will hear much cheering, hilarity, and probably some mis-heard lyrics…

Imagine a dancefloor that’s got one half of the crowd singing along to Taylor Swift while the other half are doing The Wobble! Or maybe one where half the crowd are raving to Diplo and the other half are throwing shapes to the YMCA. Silent disco can be bizarre, mind-blowing but most of all, a huge amount of fun! And remember, as there’s no amplified music, silent disco is a practical entertainment solution too. Set up a fancy stage and throw a dance party in the library/sports field/parking lot/anywhere else where there are noise restrictions.

headphone show hire

  • You hire us!
  • Our crew arrive at your location and set up our full audio-visual production.
  • Our DJs battle it out playing up to 3 different channels of music at the same time!
  • The crowd flicks between channels to take control of their dancefloor experience.
  • Your audience leaves thrilled and delighted while we pack up the show.

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