why book silver girl?

Silver girl is a classic and unique character designed to “Bring art to Life”. Silver Girl has been studying yoga for 14 years and the calmness she carries in her still pose work is fascinating. Although this is what most people are used to in statue performance, the main concept of Silver Girl is an interactive statue. This means that although she can do still performance and remain motionless for large amounts of time, She is better known for her playful silent banter within the crowds.

Silver Girl is very approachable and children as well as adults love her energy! She is often seen at Bulls Games and other sporting events interacting with the pre-game crowds for photo ops and more. Silver Girl is seen at Trade shows and Grand opening events skillfully handing out promo material with the “double takes” Is she real? And a blink of an eye or a playful smirk brings a smile to each whom encounter her!

Silver girl is often coupled with a photo booth to offer a souvenir photo for all attending guests. Incorporating client logo with the framing is a brilliant way to market your product! This combined with playful poses create magical memories that last a lifetime. (This is often an approach used at University events as well.) 

Greeting the crowds at corporate events:

Silver girl can greet your guests as they arrive at your evening event with playful interaction while delivering wine or champagne.


Silver girl can remain motionless as she carries two silver balls and places the third in areas just out of reach. Pretending to juggle or reaching with a confused expression. This is just one of the many ways she charms the passing crowds.Silver Girl will help coordinate each event personally to work with the individual theme. Props and costuming can be made to order depending on clients wants and needs.

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