“I heard more positive, exemplary comments from our students about this presentation than any other here at the college to date! Fantastic! Carter is a magician both with words and with non-verbals!” Rick Plummer, West Shore Community College

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Student Body Language is based on the idea that, even in the age of the internet, most students’ professional success will depend on face-to-face communication skills. This program is an exciting and unique exploration of the way we communicate beyond words. Throughout the program, mentalist Chris Carter teaches students how to be better listeners, correctly interpret the non-verbal signs others project, and use their own body language to create the best possible impression every time.

Student Body Language is more than just a lecture. Chris not only demonstrates his ability to “read minds,” but teaches students how to precisely identify and analyze non-verbal cues. But that’s just the start! Through interactive demonstrations, Chris shows the students how they can use their newfound knowledge of body language to improve their social lives, relationships with their roommates, academic success, and even how to nail their first job interview after graduation!

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“Christopher Carter brings the perfect mix of education and fun to the new ‘Student Body Language’ show. It was exactly the type of college success edu-tainment I was hoping to bring to our students!” Brad Krasaway, Director of Student Life, Rainy River Community College
“Christopher Carter is one of the most exciting speakers that you can bring to your campus. His message is relevant to people from all walks of life. He has the ability to ignite any audience with his active learning approach.”Rudy Yañez, Morton College

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